Our faculty stands out from the rest: every teacher with Lotus Voice Studio has a minimum of a master’s degree in voice performance, and extensive performance experience. Each teacher offers something unique and valuable.

Brittani Farrell

Pronouns: She/Her
Location: Seattle, WA
Works with ages 18-65+

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My name is Brittani Farrell. I graduated from Colorado State University in 2013 with a bachelor’s in music education, and from the University of Northern Colorado in 2017 with a dual master’s in voice performance and choral conducting. Currently, I am working on a master’s in communication sciences and disorders, which I plan to use as a speech-language pathologist rehabilitating injured voices. As someone who has suffered from and understands vocal pathologies, I have a unique perspective on the emotional connection we each have with our voices. My pedagogy is founded in anatomical/science-based and motor learning concepts that will help students of any age understand their body and body map as a reference to their instrument. Motor learning theory is a clinical method used to map new skills in a methodical and precise manner. Please see my teaching philosophy and performance resume (on this page) for more information.

Kristen Keymont

Pronouns: She/Her
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Works with ages 13 – 65+

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From early in life, singing and playing instruments were always inspiring, connecting, and grounding activities for me. My love for music was always the light, and in the ninth grade, I decided that I was going to be a music teacher. In 2013, I earned a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, following with a Master of Music in Vocal Performance (with a Teaching Artist Certificate) from the Longy School of Music of Bard College in the spring of 2015.
The connection and guidance that music provided me in my own life greatly informs my teaching methods and philosophy today. I incorporate an awareness based practice of singing, where we will explore how our bodies experience sound and create a mindful technique where we improve the efficiency of your instrument. Singing is like art and athletics fused, so exploring how singing feels is really important to the practice. The voice, like any other instrument, is just a mechanism, and once you understand the mechanism, you can manipulate it to make whatever sounds you want! I am a big believer in creating vocal “tools” for your toolbox, rather than showing you only one way to sing. We will start from the bottom up – connecting to the body, the breath, and then the voice. We will explore all sorts of vocal colors and shapes! I believe that music, particularly singing, is a healing experience for people, and through the lenses of yoga and mindfulness, I aim to create a safe environment for students to explore their instrument and their self expression. It is never too late to begin your musical journey! Please see my performance resume for more details regarding my experience.

Christina Hazen

Pronouns: She/Her
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Works with ages 13 – 65+

Christina Hazen

I grew up wanting to be a singer/songwriter until one day in high school I went to see an opera at a local movie theater. After that day, I jumped head first into the world of classical singing, getting my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Northern Colorado and then my Master of Music at the University of Cincinnati- College Conservatory of Music in 2020. I’ve performed with companies like Opera Colorado, Cincinnati Opera, and have sung in workshops for new commissions by Opera Theatre of St. Louis and the Metropolitan Opera. Learning to sing has been a journey not only of technical discovery but most importantly, of self discovery. I believe that good singing technique can be found in every genre, and whatever type of music you like to sing, there are always ways to improve your vocal health and expressivity. What I love most about singing is that each person’s voice is uniquely theirs. We can all learn to play the same piano, but no one will ever have a voice that sounds exactly like you. Cultivating each singer’s unique sound in the most healthy and expressive way possible is my ultimate goal as a teacher.

Sheila Carroll

Pronouns: She/Her
Location: Lock Haven, PA
Works with ages 13 – 65+

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 I am a soprano who enjoys all genres of music. I am a graduate of Manhattan School of Music with a Master’s Degree in Classical Voice. I discovered my joy for music and performing at a young age, which took me on a journey that has stretched two decades as a student, teacher and performer working throughout the USA and the world singing, teaching, and exploring all types of music. As a voice teacher, I focus on healthy, relaxed vocal production with an emphasis on how your voice and body feel as you produce your sound. I believe through intention in breath and posture, singers can find the optimal sound unique to their voice. I try to approach singing as a whole-brained activity, balancing technique and expression to help artists develop their talents as whole performers. I am a diction expert with advanced knowledge of English, French, Italian, and German diction for singing.

Katya Powder

Pronouns: She/Her; They/Them
Location: Clarkston, Michigan
Works with ages 13 – 65+

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I decided I wanted to be a teacher in the first grade, and discovered my love of music when I joined choir in high school. I went on to get my bachelor’s degree in Music Education and Vocal Performance from Oakland University, and my master’s degree from Manhattan School of Music. Since 2005, I have been teaching private voice lessons, hosting vocal masterclasses and workshops, adjudicating competitions, and working as an opera singer in both New York City and Metro Detroit. Singing is a uniquely vulnerable instrument, and I place the utmost importance on creating a warm, comfortable space for students to make mistakes, explore, and express themselves. Singing and music will be the main topic in our weekly lessons, but students will gain far more than just learning to sing. It’s about supporting each student and their dreams, and caring about the entire person. 

Kristy Ann Fox

Pronouns: She/Her
Location: Lacey, WA
Works with ages 13 – 65+

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My love of music started as a toddler watching Telly play his tuba on Sesame Street. Soon after I started flute and piano lessons, I settled on voice because I discovered the joy of singing. Throughout my undergraduate studies in music education at Eastern Washington University, I trained in all styles of music and began teaching voice privately. Once I realized that teaching music in public schools was not my passion, I pursued my master’s in opera performance from Manhattan School of Music. As a voice teacher, I am constantly in awe of the beauty of the human voice. Whether it is a fast, florid piece of classical music for a coloratura soprano or a slow, intimate jazz ballad, there is an indescribable feeling that the sympathetic vibrations stir in the singer and listener. It is my job as a voice teacher to let each person experience vocal freedom through empathetic and scientific instruction via kinesthetic learning techniques paired with imagery. I work extensively with the idea of the inner critic as it relates to confidence and stage fright and give techniques to help release the grip it has on the voice. I believe in creating a welcoming and fun environment for the exploration of all types of sounds in voice lessons, which in turn promotes growth and connection. 

Lexie Rains

Location: Flint, Texas
Works with ages 13 – 65+

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Like many people, I fell in love with singing theatre at a very young age. When I graduated high school, I knew that I wanted to concentrate my studies on musical theatre performance. At Baylor, I studied Theatre Performance with a Concentration in Musical Theatre. It was there that I realized that my passion for teaching was much stronger than my passion for performing. Since my background is in a contemporary style of singing, I decided to continue my learning at Shenandoah University within their Contemporary Commercial Music Master of Vocal Pedagogy program. At Shenandoah, I was able to learn about the current theories in voice science and effectively perform different pop, rock, jazz, and musical theatre genres. My teaching emphasizes the importance of finding your unique sound and building confidence in your voice. My goal is to help students create their own artistry through music that speaks to their identity. 

Students can expect individualized lessons that are centered on principles of motor learning. The approaches I use in each lesson are rooted in evidence-based pedagogy, which helps singers release tension in their voice, increase their range, and achieve their desired voice aesthetic. I’m excited to help you on your journey to find your voice.

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