Sheila Carroll

Pronouns: She/Her
Location: Lock Haven, PA
Works with ages 13 – 65+

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 I am a soprano who enjoys all genres of music. I am a graduate of Manhattan School of Music with a Master’s Degree in Classical Voice. I discovered my joy for music and performing at a young age, which took me on a journey that has stretched two decades as a student, teacher and performer working throughout the USA and the world singing, teaching, and exploring all types of music. As a voice teacher, I focus on healthy, relaxed vocal production with an emphasis on how your voice and body feel as you produce your sound. I believe through intention in breath and posture, singers can find the optimal sound unique to their voice. I try to approach singing as a whole-brained activity, balancing technique and expression to help artists develop their talents as whole performers. I am a diction expert with advanced knowledge of English, French, Italian, and German diction for singing.

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