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Self discovery and inspiration through music.
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Our Services

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Singing Voice Lessons

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Singing Voice Rehabilitation

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Gender Affirming Voice Lessons

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Free Consultation

It is important for both the student and teacher to feel like they’ve found a good fit for lessons. This is why Lotus Voice Studio offers a free, 30-minute Zoom consultation for you to get to know your instructor and hear about the studio before committing to lessons. 

After the consult, we offer a reduced-rate 45 minute introductory lesson so that you can experience your instructor’s teaching style without paying full price.

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What Our Customers Say about us

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The Lotus

The lotus has been a symbol of rebirth and perseverance for thousands of years. The flower is native to muddy waters, yet emerges perfect. The lotus serves as a symbol for this voice studio to inspire the students to persevere through the struggles of the creative process and our judgmental minds. Becoming a musician is not an easy journey, but it is one that will bring great joy and help build self-esteem. We strive to help our students find their true voice, in the literal and figurative sense of that phrase. By helping our students listen to their bodies and finding a love of the process, a safe environment is cultivated in which creativity can flourish. 

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