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Voice Lessons

Research shows that singing releases endorphins, which builds confidence and increases joy! Voice lessons at Lotus Voice Studio are taught from a holistic approach that incorporates the body, mind, and spirit. Technical advancement and repertoire coaching are goals for every lesson, but each lesson is structured to fit the student’s individual needs.

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Voice Clinics

Is your choir auditioning for or performing in an important festival or competition? Choose from a variety of clinics or tailor a unique clinic to meet your choir’s needs in preparation for important events. I offer clinics supporting body awareness, vocal health, and voice pedagogy techniques.

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Coaching for Auditions

Whether you are planning on auditioning for a college program, local theatre, or Broadway, finding the capacity for artistic expression and passion for our work is an important element that distinguishes us from other performers. LVS will help you meet the unique requirements of each audition to walk in with confidence.

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